Friday, December 6, 2013

What Does UMNO Assembly Mean to All Malaysians?

All our lives, we have only known to be ruled by one party that is, BN a.k.a UMNO. For that, I must say that UMNO has done a very good job so far. This is the truth, whether you like it or not. (Remember to say things as it is, ok?) Just one look at Malaysia, nobody can deny that UMNO has done a very good job.

Malaysia has gone through ups and downs – communist threat, racial riot, series of economic recessions – but all were handled almost gracefully and efficiently by none other but UMNO leaders. In their hands, nothing ever got overboard.

I believe that it has something to do with the manners of the Malays. Malays are known to be the people of peace which is why Malaysia has so many Sultans, because none of the Sultans seek to conquer. In the early days, each and every one of the Sultan upheld peace above everything else. As long as everyone is able to live comfortably, having enough food and clothes, what is there to worry? You have your space I have mine, so let’s live happily ever after.

Now, that is the beauty of the Malays for you.

Unlike the civilizations of China or Rome, whoever was the ruler then, would strive to conquer as far and as wide, thus created empires. There can never be more than one ruler for them and they would kill and destroy in order to make sure of that. Only then, they will start building everything up again, better and stronger.

Because UMNO is a Malay party, it also upholds peace and would do anything for the sake of peace. It is willing to share its power with immigrants and even give them positions on the cabinet. UMNO trust the immigrants as partners and friends with very little caution that these friends and partners would stab them in the back. Sadly, that is just what MCA, the Chinese party, did. It stabbed UMNO in the back, hard and deep in the last GE all because UMNO fights for the Malays.

The UMNO Assembly that is ongoing right now, again talks about fighting for the Malays as it always does and meant to be. In response, the Chinese, including the MCA, takes it with much hostility, as they always do. For the Chinese, all the talks about the Malays are evidence of UMNO’s injustice and racism.

I could have rebutted the Chinese’s unfair allegations against UMNO with facts and figures but that would be useless. The problem with arrogant people is that they don’t listen. The problem with racists is that even if they listened, they just don’t care.

And the Chinese is both arrogant and racist so you can’t expect them to listen or do anything about what we told them. What makes it worse is that the Chinese is also greedy whereby justice to them is when they got it all.

Therefore, let’s just forget about asking the Chinese to be rationale because they are just not capable of it.

However, there is one thing that I hope should be able to put some sense into their heads. That is, to imagine being ruled by DAP.

I seriously don’t think that the Chinese really believe DAP can do a better job than UMNO in ruling the country. What more with PAS and PKR in the team. The Chinese must have lost all their rationality to even think that DAP with PAS and PKR are able make Malaysia a better place to live than it already is.

DAP is headed by a Tokong, not human. Tokong don’t make mistakes and cannot be questioned. Tokong say, Tokong do, people follow. Anybody who disobeys the Tokong is a burden to the party, therefore must be eliminated or ‘subdued’.

Should all of DAP members just follow the Tokong orders, then there will be no problem and DAP will most probably won the 14th GE, so the Tokong says.

The Tokong had decided that Christopher Ross Lim would be perfect to head Kedah’s DAP because he has a Malay name, Zairil Khir Johari, and Kedah is a Malay state. Lim Guan Aik who was elected as Kedah Chief through a democracy process should have just kept quiet and obeyed the command. Every DAP members in Kedah should have just give way to Christopher and everything would be fine.

It is a perfect strategy - exploit Christopher as a Malay and the stupid Kedah Malays would began worshipping the Tokong just like the PAS’s Malays in Penang.

However, Lim Guan Aik refused to accept that Tokong is above the law.

Lim Guan Aik is lucky that UMNO still rules the country. And because of UMNO, there is ROS, a professional arm of the government where he could file a complaint. ROS then confirmed that Lim Guan Aik is the legitimate Chief DAP of Kedah and Zairil, the Chinese with a Malay name, is not.

Now, imagine that the country is ruled by DAP and not UMNO. Do you think ROS will be able to act independently and professionally? Do you think ROS can go against the Tokong’s wish?

Remember that ROS had once deregistered UMNO in 1987. There was a short panic before the leaders came to their senses and quickly rushed over to register it again.

This event proved that UMNO did not interfere in ROS’s business although the party holds the power.

Do you think DAP is able to show the same professionalism if the party holds the power?

This is why the UMNO Assembly is important to me and to all Malaysians. I don’t think UMNO is a great party. It is deteriorating by the day. However, it is the only party where we can put on trust on keeping justice and upholding the law. UMNO has no Tokong or Anugerah Tuhan or Mursyidul Am who thinks he is above the law.

Therefore, right now, praying for UMNO to regain its strength is the only sensible thing to do. And in conjunction with the UMNO Assembly, let us all do so.

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