Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hopeful News...? Hmmm...

This is reported by NST today:

Projects, Growth Corridors To Give Economy Further Boost

KUALA LUMPUR: MALAYSIA'S robust economic growth in the third quarter of this year coupled with the newly announced Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) projects would translate into higher income and employment generation for the country.

Malaysia's economy grew better than expected at 5.2 per cent between July and September amid challenging global economic conditions.

Various projects under the ETP and three economic corridors announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday were expected to generate more jobs and benefit businesses.
Najib unveiled 20 projects under the ETP and growth corridors, which will bring in RM26.09 billion investments by 2020. These projects are expected to contribute RM10.07 billion to gross national income and create more than 64,000 jobs.

RAM Holdings chief economist Yeah Kim Leng said the ETP announcement would improve further the job market because of an expected increase in the number of jobs generated by the projects.
At the same time, he said businesses supplying goods and services would also benefit from the ETP projects.

"Suppliers of good and services for the ETP projects would benefit in terms of higher sales as well as revenue growth. "In turn, these businesses will be able to remunerate their employees better and hire more workers."

Yeah noted that despite the weak global outlook, the ETP projects affirmed Malaysia's attractiveness as an investment destination. He said ETP supported the country's sustained investment momentum at a double-digit level.

Yeah attributed Malaysia's strong performance in the third quarter to resilient domestic demand that mitigated weakening exports. "Given that Europe caught the cold but the United States sneezed in the third quarter, it seems like Malaysia is basking in the sun."
Economists concurred that Malaysia's better-than-expected third quarter growth was fuelled by the positive momentum of domestic demand and private consumption.

They said despite the unfriendly external environment, sustained consumer and investor confidence as well as stimulative government policies had been the major support to the resilient performance.
According to official forecast, Malaysia's economy is expected to grow between four and five per cent for this year.

Economists, however, upbeat with latest growth figures, anticipate the full-year growth to surpass five per cent.
Singapore, an export-oriented economy, seems to be catching the cold from Europe and the US, as its third quarter growth is projected to moderate to 0.3 per cent, from 2.5 per cent in the second quarter.


I have been longing to hear about projects to boost the economy and to provide job opportunities and I decided to take this news positively. I admit that I’m skeptical but that’s a different story.

A lot have been said about the government spending lavishly and about the untouchable official or unofficial consultants and advisers (whatever they are called).

So far, they are still there and are still being paid too handsomely. The outcry, the criticisms, the lashing and bashing from the rakyat over their existence have all gone unnoticed or fell on deaf ears. Still, we are all alive and well and the country is in a good shape.

Have we ever thought that maybe, we just need to accept the fact that they will be there for as long as we have the same Prime Minister.

Therefore, maybe it’s time to focus on our lives and our work instead of the Prime Minister’s life and his work. Maybe, we need to let him do his work and let faith takes over. We must admit that our lives are good so far, eh?

Of course, the price hike and the subsidy rationalization still need justification.

Well, the answers have been given, didn’t you hear? The government says that we need to ‘adjust’ in order to prepare ourselves for the new era of high-income nation. And…the country needs to increase its reserves and cash-flow in order to ensure survival in the unpredictable future.

Many of us would just brush-off the answers without even digesting them. However, never forget that we also have a choice to accept the answers as it is without questions. How about that?

Or, would we prefer feeding our anger and dissatisfaction towards the government? We can always choose to change government in the next election.

On second thought, decisions made over anger are never right. Making decisions over hatred is wrong. Hatred is wrong.

I believe in doing things in good faith. Unless we are in dire states or at war, we should only make decisions while we are at ease, that is after looking at things from every angle. We should do things because of love, not hate. Make decisions for love of the nation, not hate for the government.

We need to be rationale first, before demanding the same from others.

Rationality tells us that change in government doesn’t promise us a better future. In fact, it will most probably lead us to disaster. Malaysia can never survive a dictatorship and racist ruling of DAP nor can it survive a stupid-confused ruling of PAS. Malaysia definitely cannot allow a sociopath like Anwar to lead the country.

This ‘three-stooges’ coalition is nothing but a sadistic joke. They are not even registered under one party. They have three different agendas for the country. They are proven to have no credible in running even a state. They go overseas and condemned their own country. They have no loyalty, no pride and no love for the country. They lied at our faces. They cheated, manipulated and denied all complaints made by their own members in their party elections.

On top of that, they claimed they are never wrong!

At least, BN admits its mistakes and tries its best to serve us. It may not try hard enough but it is still better than claiming to never have done wrong.

I’m sorry guys, you may not like my conclusion which is to choose the lesser evil but unfortunately, this…is thinking rationally. Don’t tell me choosing the three-stooges party just to try and error is rational? You must know that the error we would most probably make by that is almost certainly beyond repair.


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