Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Are the Jews “Victims” of Hate – or are THEY the HATERS?

I just thought that this is something worth sharing. I will write about this when I can.  For the time being, enjoy the reading: 

An Open Letter to Jewish journalist, Dr. Henry Makow

(E-mailed to Dr. Makow on 2/21/08)

Dear Dr. Makow:
I have enjoyed your many articles on different subjects, including the New World Order, the Illuminati, and the Feminist Movement.  I happen to be a female physician, in a particularly "macho" specialty – Orthopedic Surgery - in which there are very few women, but I agree with you about the destruction of masculinity in America.  I don’t know if you have specifically laid the blame for this movement, but it clearly should be laid at the feet of the Jews.  The super feminists who have led the Feminist movement from the very beginning have been Jews:  Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem, etc.  The Feminist movement is Jewish to its core.  It is part of the plan for the destruction of the family and the destruction of Christianity.
I also agree with you that the BIG Jews are perfectly happy to destroy the rank and file Jews.
But here is where I disagree with you.  You say that the rank and file
Jews are really not responsible for the plan of the elitist Jews to control the world and destroy the Gentiles.  I agree that the rank and file Jews do not KNOW the extent of the plan.  But Jews in general are raised with a Talmudic culture, whether they have heard of the Talmud or not.  They are raised with the idea that they are better than Gentiles, that they have a right to control them, take whatever belongs to them, and look down on them.
Believe me, I have plenty of experience and knowledge of this attitude.
My mother was born and raised in Brooklyn.  When my mother was a little schoolgirl in Brooklyn, on Jewish holidays there were only two students in her class, - herself and one other (“Gentile”) girl.  Everyone else was Jewish.  My mother knew very well that all the (Jewish) shopkeepers were trying to cheat Gentiles, they lied constantly to Gentiles, and looked down on Gentiles.
When I was a resident in my medical training, at one point I rotated through a Jewish hospital.  I had never seen such rude, undignified, uncouth and downright degenerate behavior by human beings.  The Jewish doctors yelled at each other in the Operating Room, they called each other names, they threw surgical instruments at each other in the hallway in the Operating Room area - sometimes from as far away as 20 feet, they had huge, loud verbal brawls with each other in the hallways of the area where patients' rooms were, with the patients all standing (those who could) in the doorway watching this fiasco, they lied about the surgical procedures they had performed in the O.R. when they turned out badly (I would have scrubbed with them on the procedure and I KNEW what they had done, but when those cases were presented in the doctors' conference, they flat-out LIED) and all sorts of other crude, uncouth and immoral behavior about which I could go on and on and on.
When I asked them WHY they behaved in such a barbaric, childish, primitive, way, they looked at me with surprise and said, “Oh, that’s fun!”
The reason that Jews have been kicked out of nearly every country in the world for hundreds and hundreds of years is NOT because they are hated because of their “race” – it is because of their barbarian, uncouth, immoral and disgusting behavior!
For two years after I left my rotation at that Jewish hospital, I couldn't even go back in its doors for the city-wide Orthopedic conferences we would occasionally have there because I actually became nauseated when I entered that hospital, even though I got in trouble with my superiors for not attending the conference.  For several years after I left that hospital, when Ieven drove down the main thoroughfare of the city that passed within a few blocks of that hospital, I would get sick to my stomach.
I was raised as a Christian, to be kind and civil and courteous to people.  But it was clear that virtually ALL the Jews at that hospital (with the exception of maybe one or two) were behaving like barbarians. THIS is why the Jews have been thrown out of scores of countries in the world throughout history.  Even the average rank and file Jew has NO concern for anyone but himself.
I agree that not all Jews are like that, but the few who aren't are such extreme examples they are almost reportable in a medical or political journal.  My best friend in college was Jewish.  She was generous, kind, and the antithesis of the average Jew.  She also HATED the way the Jews behaved - even the behavior of her own mother, who her Jewish father divorced to marry a Gentile.  My friend loved her mother, but she told her on many occasions , "Mom, I love you but I am NEVER going to be like you."  Her mother was a typical, complaining, selfish, neurotic, Jewish mother who was always putting a guilt trip on her children.
And what about the Kol Nidre oath!  That is NOT just repeated by the elitist Jews.  The rank and file Jew goes to temple once a year to repeat that oath to absolve themselves of all the cheating, lying and stealing they plan to do in the coming year.
My point is, if it is not already clear, that the rank and file Jews are VERY responsible for what is going on at the top.  They TOO believe they have the right to rule over Gentiles.  They TOO believe in the lies of the supposed "extermination" camps of the Holocaust, and that THEY are the ones who have been victimized above ALL others, and that the suffering of anyone else doesn't matter at all - including the slaughter of 100 million Gentiles in Russia and the Ukraine by the Jews (the Jewish Bolsheviks like Lenin, Stalin, Marx and Trotsky), the present "genociding" of the Palestinians by the Jews, and many, many other instances of this type of ugly Jewish behavior against Gentiles throughout history.
I am not Jewish, but I have blood relatives who are Jewish, and I love them as much as all my other non-Jewish relatives.  Fortunately, they don't behave like the majority of Jews behave.
Jewishness is NOT a race, it is a culture - the culture of the Talmud, which, as you well know, is about the filthiest, most hateful book on the face of the earth – a book that states, “Even the best of the Gentiles should ALL be killed.”  If that is not HATE-speech – then what is?  
I do not hate or dislike Jews.  But I certainly hate the way that most of them behave.  God loves every person the same, and so must we, but the Jews will have to do a LOT of reaping of their atrocious, hateful behavior in order to eventually "reap what they have sown" as God’s Word clearly states will happen.
Their immoral, hateful behavior will ultimately destroy them as a people.  They, as a people, will self-destruct because “Hate” eventually destroys the one who hates!
Lorraine Day, M.D.


  1. Haters never win. I just think that's true about life, because negative energy always costs in the end. See the link below for more info.


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