Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why Did the People Vote for BN?

The Tun has spoken and nothing he said is new. Among the Tun’s concerns are: 

1.  The need for Internal Security Act and Sedition Act, 
2.  Over-favouring the neighbor (Singapore) at the expense of our own interest. 
3.  BR1M that is burdening the country financially but doesn’t help the people much
4.  The minimum wages and etc…     

The other Tun, (Tun Daim) had said something similar to the Tun some time ago.  There were also Tun Hamid, Tan Sri Kadir Jasin, and every dolah and minah in the country, who have been saying the same thing in the kedai mamaks and during coffee breaks in the pantries.   Every Chongs and Muthus and Minachis once said the same too, but that was before GE-13. 

When GE-13 was approaching, however, the Chongs, Lims and Muthus and Minachis changed their minds as they sensed that there is quite an advantage for them, if the government stays the way it is.  This makes sense as Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “never interrupt the enemies when they are doing something wrong”. 

They realized that the more they resist BN, the more opportunities opened for them in terms of positions in GLCs, even platforms to influence decisions on government policies, to suit their greed.    And so, they voted against BN.  Much to their frustration, as much as they stand united to make the final, permanent change in the country, they failed to make it to Putrajaya. 

Even though they failed, it seems that the Chongs and the Lims have made up their minds and will never turn back to BN.  They like the way they are being treated.  Today, they can say anything they like and demonstrate how they hate the Malays so much and they can even make fun of Islam, and no action will be taken against them.   The Malays cannot retaliate for fear that UMNO will be blamed for being racist. 

Their only bargain for unity is to abolish Malay rights.  Until then, the racial provocation will continue.  And so, the government tries to make up to them through other means, like giving them more allocation for vernacular schools to breed more racists. At least, this is how it is perceived by the people. 

Like Vernacular school isn’t damaging enough, there is a new school in town, the DAP’s School of Democracy: 

This school is meant to recruit more stupid Malay youngsters to be DAP members.  Even though DAP is far from smart for they cannot even count up to 2,000 but they are smart enough to use smart ways to lure stupid Malays and make the stupid Malays think that they are smart. 

UMNO, on the other hand, uses this guy, as a mean to gain support among the youngsters: 

Germany won the World Cup because they have a team, and Brazil lost it because they have only Neymar.  Well at least, that one player is an excellent player with great record to boast for.  UMNO Youth however, is counting on a guy with nothing to offer but his ‘celebrity personality’. 

This type of mentality is what adds to the people’s worry.   By thinking that the Malay youngsters will support UMNO just because the Youth Chief is ‘hensem’, shows that UMNO does not think much of them.  UMNO doesn’t even take them seriously, even think that they are cheap fools and is determined to keep them that way. 

Please be informed that the youngsters are not all stupid or else DAP/PR would have won the last election.   Some youngsters might go crazy over a hunk or melt over some hot models on the runways but most of them know better than to vote the hunk or the glamorous chicks as their leaders.  They might not be able to fight the temptation to read ‘sticky’ stories served by the political portals, and they might also be total scumbags.  But even scumbags will not vote a party-goer, publicity-crazy, self-centered person to be their leaders.

What I’m trying to say is that DAP may be stupid but at least they know how to camouflage their stupidity.  While UMNO is proud to parade its stupidity on the runway. 

We are still passing through the era of technology and already entered the era of information.  By right, we should have mastered technology in order to do well in the era of information.  Failing to do so, lands us into the era of ‘consultants’.   That was how BN first lost the support in 2008 - because the people had the perception that the leadership was being subbed to consultants and one young celebrity.  

In order to regain the support, UMNO has to undo all the wrong perceptions.  

The perception now is that UMNO has not undone anything even after the GE-13’s shocking slap on the face.

We all want BN to survive and if possible, under the same PM.  We don’t want any changes in leadership and the Tuns are saying the same too.  Therefore, the best way to make this happen is to work together.   Brushing off the Tun will not work, not because of his natural influence, but because the wrongs have not been made right.  

You may kill the Tun and stomp on his grave, but you cannot kill the truth. 

When you barely win the election, when the team did its worst in the recent commonwealth game, when youngsters keep flocking into DAP,  then something must be wrong with some of the strategies.    The only option in such situation is to acknowledge the wrongs and corrects it, not insists that things are fine. 

BN has been known to be graceful, diplomatic and professional.  This is how the party managed to win in every election, because people see BN as a wise, serious, no-nonsense political party.  Unlike BN, PR portrays itself as the party of the young, full of fun and high in spirit, ready for change. 

Fun and high spirits only last for so long while serious, no-nonsense work gains trust, respect and hope that last forever.  And change is only good if its for the the better.

So, there is really no need for UMNO to try to copy PR and look fun and glamorous.  All it need is to be its old self – wise and certain.  UMNO needs to look smart as in the brain, not smart as in the dress.  UMNO can do that by first, answer the Tun with facts and figures and not try to defend the PM because the PM is perfectly able to defend himself. 

Sometimes, I wonder whether those ministers who came out to defend the PM are really defending the PM or just trying to make the PM look helpless and weak. 

Perhaps, the PM should start taking a closer look at them.  Perhaps, that’s what the Tun wants the PM to see. 

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  1. They blamed the TUN for "jatuhkan airmuka PM" when he menegur but keep their elegance silent when the opposition does.