Sunday, August 10, 2014

No More Vernacular Schools: What Say NUCC and ‘the-new-NGO-for-unity-that-has-yet-to-be-named’?

After ‘Negaraku’ (I still can’t believe that this is an NGO’s name) there is a new NGO set up by the same people or at least the people who belong to the same group – the liberals, namely Saifuddin Abdullah and Mujahid Rawa.  Yes, I was made to understand that one of them is from UMNO and another from PAS but I bet that they are both there, for DAP, though they, themselves might not know it. 

Both of them are, respectively, the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of this new NGO. The crazy thing is, this NGO has yet to have a name.  I don’t understand…what’s so hard about finding a name?  Ambiga can call hers ‘Negaraku’, so Saifuddin can call his ‘Negaraku too’ or anything like that, right? 

I mean, just give it any name, it won’t make any difference.  It still plays the same song.  And why in such a hurry to announce the NGO when you have not had a name?    

It is stated that this new NGO is all about curbing racism and uniting the people of Malaysia.  Funny, that both the Chairman and the Deputy of this new NGO are already being given the same task under National Unity Consultation Council (NUCC).  The setting up of a new NGO with the same objective only marks their failure in NUCC thus makes the Council’s failure an official one. 

With the same ‘failed’ people running the NGO, how can we expect much? 

In fact, how can we expect anything from these same groups of lowly-hypocritical liberals?

These liberals know and we all know for a fact that the problem of racism lies with the racists who refuse to blend in with the original settlers, even refuse to go to the same school.  The problem keeps growing with their constant denials of being the descendents of immigrants who ‘overstayed their visits’. 

Therefore, the only way to curb racism in Malaysia is to first teach these racists to accept who they are and admit what they are.  Unfortunately, asking such thing from the racists is just too much.  You cannot expect the racists to be rationale or admit anything because they are just not capable of it.  There is no conscience. 

Just like the Zionists who don’t have any guilt for taking everything away from the Palestinians, these racists too, feel that they have the rights to take anything they like from anybody.  If you try to reason with them, they will straight away call you a racist.  That’s just how their minds work – it doesn’t get connected to the heart because there is no heart.   

Just days ago, the National GPMS Alumni Organisation has again voiced out what the rationale Malaysians have been saying, that is, Malaysia needs to stop entertaining future demands for construction of vernacular schools. It is clear that nothing good is achieved from having Chinese or Tamil Type Schools and only bad and the worst things come out from it.  Plus, it doesn’t make sense to have a Tamil or Chinese Type school, sometimes, next to the National School, just to accommodate around 10 or so students.  It’s non-practical and a waste of tax-payers money.

Denying this and choosing to go along with whatever the demands by the racists are the worst mistake any government could ever make.  These vernacular schools are going to breed more and worse kinds of racists that will be harder or impossible to curb. 

The NUCC has obviously denied this and that is why it failed.  And with the same people heading this new NGO-for-unity-that-has-no-name, I don’t think Malaysians are going to unite very soon. 

Let’s face it.  Racism is not caused by Bumiputra Rights or Islam being the official religion.  It is caused by Vernacular Schools!  Until NUCC or whatever NGO these liberals are going to set up in the name of unity acknowledge this fact, nothing can be done to curb racism in the country. 

So stop setting up new NGOs will ya?  Go get a life! Unless, you want to hold a record as someone who set up the most NGOs, you may spend your whole life doing so.  But you know what? Margaret Thatcher once said that she didn’t want to die washing dishes like other women.  Well, I think it is more pathetic to die setting up stupid NGOs…

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