Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wan Azizah: A Tragedy of a Woman?

Malaysian Insider today quoted Anwar questioning PAS, “Are you not ready to accept a woman leader?”  Ahah… I just need to say something as soon as I read that, and here it is:

I have no rights to answer on behalf of PAS but I do think this is quite an interesting topic to discuss because I do hear that UMNO too, make a fuss about having a female MB. 

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with being led by a woman.  I had a female boss before, not very pretty though, but certainly very articulate and smart and she deserved all the respect from me. 

I think some of you might already know that I have been doing a little studying on Islam so I do know that Muhammad’s wife, Siti Khadijah was a great leader.  She was a businesswoman - a very successful and respectable one.  She couldn’t be one, if she was not a great leader.  I also know that the Prophet did seek advices from her, asked for her opinions and discussed matters with her.  He wouldn’t do so if she was not a woman with great leadership skills. 

So I take it that a woman may not lead the prayers in Islam, but she can lead or rule as well as men should she had the right quality. 

Other wives of the Prophet were also politically active. Umm Salamah was instrumental in advising the Prophet during the crisis of Hudaibiyah. Her advice prevented disunity and prevailed over the advice of other men including Omar ibn Al-Khattab.  

And Aisha was a rich source of religious knowledge and the first Muslim woman to lead men into battle in Basra (656).  

If women were not meant to be leaders, why are some of the Prophet’s wives so politically inspiring?

Do you know that one of the earliest Muslim woman actually hold a governmental position was probably Al-Shafa bint Abdullah ibn Abd Shams whom the second Caliph appointed Manager of the market at Madinah. She supervised men and women and had authority over both.

I believe that Islam is not a chauvinistic religion; it never was and never should be.  The Malays in UMNO or PAS who take it otherwise must have read a different Quran. 

However, to compare Selangor and Madinah would be the most ridiculous thing, and to compare Wan Azizah to any of the Prophet’s wife is, of course, unspeakably insulting. 

So, let’s just go straight to the point that the problem with Wan Azizah is not her gender, and I think even Anwar knows that. 

The problem with Wan Azizah is her inability to lead.  She has failed the party, her constitution and herself for she couldn’t even become a stay-at-home grandmother like she said she wanted. 

She is always being led, forced and pressured to do something, anything and everything to keep her husband in power.   She is never a leader, neither a follower.  She is merely a slave to Anwar Ibrahim.

Again, the situation in Selangor is not a gender-related-crisis - or at least, I hope so.  I refuse to believe that Malaysians are that shallow.  I believe that should Wan Azizah proved to be a better leader, then people, even PAS supporters will have problems saying ‘no’ to her as MB regardless of her gender. 

We have seen many capable female leaders – Muslims and non-Muslims.  Some are far more capable than men.  However, one thing many men don’t know is that women usually prefer to lay low and let the men do the show.  Oh yeah, trust me. 

You know why?  Because women don’t have that much ego, thus makes them much wiser.  They don’t need the limelight or the bragging.  All they need is for the things to go their way or the right way. 

For that, these wise women know that they don’t even have to be in front to lead. Instead, they just whisper the directions from the passenger’s seat. 

Too bad that this is not the case for Wan Azizah for she is being pushed to the front seat and expected to drive with grace while her hands and legs all tied up to the back.  She is dragged over to the stage like a ventriloquist’s puppet.  She has no voice of her own and no hands or leg to walk-off. 

I must admit that I feel sorry for her.  I’m surprised that even her daughter puts power first, before her mother.  I mean, we all can see how uncomfortable Wan Azizah is when on stage, in parliament, in front of the lights and cameras and microphones.  She looks tense and confused.  

Therefore, I must say that if there is anyone who does not have any respect towards women, it is Anwar Ibrahim for he does not seem to even respect his own wife.   

My point here is that, women are humans too, just like men.  Some of us are great leaders, some of us even suck at driving.  So, respect women just like how we want them to respect us.  In fact, they deserve more respect from us, as they are, in fact, our mothers. 

Isn’t this what Islam taught you?    

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Which Side is the Other Side?

We can all share information with enemies based on trust....   

and..we can abolish General Election altogether and live happily ever after!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Why Did the People Vote for BN?

The Tun has spoken and nothing he said is new. Among the Tun’s concerns are: 

1.  The need for Internal Security Act and Sedition Act, 
2.  Over-favouring the neighbor (Singapore) at the expense of our own interest. 
3.  BR1M that is burdening the country financially but doesn’t help the people much
4.  The minimum wages and etc…     

The other Tun, (Tun Daim) had said something similar to the Tun some time ago.  There were also Tun Hamid, Tan Sri Kadir Jasin, and every dolah and minah in the country, who have been saying the same thing in the kedai mamaks and during coffee breaks in the pantries.   Every Chongs and Muthus and Minachis once said the same too, but that was before GE-13. 

When GE-13 was approaching, however, the Chongs, Lims and Muthus and Minachis changed their minds as they sensed that there is quite an advantage for them, if the government stays the way it is.  This makes sense as Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “never interrupt the enemies when they are doing something wrong”. 

They realized that the more they resist BN, the more opportunities opened for them in terms of positions in GLCs, even platforms to influence decisions on government policies, to suit their greed.    And so, they voted against BN.  Much to their frustration, as much as they stand united to make the final, permanent change in the country, they failed to make it to Putrajaya. 

Even though they failed, it seems that the Chongs and the Lims have made up their minds and will never turn back to BN.  They like the way they are being treated.  Today, they can say anything they like and demonstrate how they hate the Malays so much and they can even make fun of Islam, and no action will be taken against them.   The Malays cannot retaliate for fear that UMNO will be blamed for being racist. 

Their only bargain for unity is to abolish Malay rights.  Until then, the racial provocation will continue.  And so, the government tries to make up to them through other means, like giving them more allocation for vernacular schools to breed more racists. At least, this is how it is perceived by the people. 

Like Vernacular school isn’t damaging enough, there is a new school in town, the DAP’s School of Democracy: 

This school is meant to recruit more stupid Malay youngsters to be DAP members.  Even though DAP is far from smart for they cannot even count up to 2,000 but they are smart enough to use smart ways to lure stupid Malays and make the stupid Malays think that they are smart. 

UMNO, on the other hand, uses this guy, as a mean to gain support among the youngsters: 

Germany won the World Cup because they have a team, and Brazil lost it because they have only Neymar.  Well at least, that one player is an excellent player with great record to boast for.  UMNO Youth however, is counting on a guy with nothing to offer but his ‘celebrity personality’. 

This type of mentality is what adds to the people’s worry.   By thinking that the Malay youngsters will support UMNO just because the Youth Chief is ‘hensem’, shows that UMNO does not think much of them.  UMNO doesn’t even take them seriously, even think that they are cheap fools and is determined to keep them that way. 

Please be informed that the youngsters are not all stupid or else DAP/PR would have won the last election.   Some youngsters might go crazy over a hunk or melt over some hot models on the runways but most of them know better than to vote the hunk or the glamorous chicks as their leaders.  They might not be able to fight the temptation to read ‘sticky’ stories served by the political portals, and they might also be total scumbags.  But even scumbags will not vote a party-goer, publicity-crazy, self-centered person to be their leaders.

What I’m trying to say is that DAP may be stupid but at least they know how to camouflage their stupidity.  While UMNO is proud to parade its stupidity on the runway. 

We are still passing through the era of technology and already entered the era of information.  By right, we should have mastered technology in order to do well in the era of information.  Failing to do so, lands us into the era of ‘consultants’.   That was how BN first lost the support in 2008 - because the people had the perception that the leadership was being subbed to consultants and one young celebrity.  

In order to regain the support, UMNO has to undo all the wrong perceptions.  

The perception now is that UMNO has not undone anything even after the GE-13’s shocking slap on the face.

We all want BN to survive and if possible, under the same PM.  We don’t want any changes in leadership and the Tuns are saying the same too.  Therefore, the best way to make this happen is to work together.   Brushing off the Tun will not work, not because of his natural influence, but because the wrongs have not been made right.  

You may kill the Tun and stomp on his grave, but you cannot kill the truth. 

When you barely win the election, when the team did its worst in the recent commonwealth game, when youngsters keep flocking into DAP,  then something must be wrong with some of the strategies.    The only option in such situation is to acknowledge the wrongs and corrects it, not insists that things are fine. 

BN has been known to be graceful, diplomatic and professional.  This is how the party managed to win in every election, because people see BN as a wise, serious, no-nonsense political party.  Unlike BN, PR portrays itself as the party of the young, full of fun and high in spirit, ready for change. 

Fun and high spirits only last for so long while serious, no-nonsense work gains trust, respect and hope that last forever.  And change is only good if its for the the better.

So, there is really no need for UMNO to try to copy PR and look fun and glamorous.  All it need is to be its old self – wise and certain.  UMNO needs to look smart as in the brain, not smart as in the dress.  UMNO can do that by first, answer the Tun with facts and figures and not try to defend the PM because the PM is perfectly able to defend himself. 

Sometimes, I wonder whether those ministers who came out to defend the PM are really defending the PM or just trying to make the PM look helpless and weak. 

Perhaps, the PM should start taking a closer look at them.  Perhaps, that’s what the Tun wants the PM to see. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

A Match Made in Hell: The Ruthless Jews and The Ignorant Muslims

If one person thinks that something is wrong with you then that person may be wrong.  However if everybody agrees with the person and insists that something is very wrong with you then everybody cannot be wrong.  It goes the same with the Jews:  If one country kicked them out, then the nation of that country might be bad or selfish but if all of the countries that the Jews ever lived had to kick them out, then something must be very wrong with the Jews themselves.  

Over a period of 1700 years, Jews have faced over 80 expulsions from different countries.  Just in Europe and Russia alone, the Jews have been banished 47 times in the last 1,000 years.   To name some of the places: 
1012 Mainz, 1182 France, 1276 Upper Bavaria, 1290 England, 1306 France, 1322 France, 1349 Saxony,  1360 Hungary,  1370 Belgium, ,1380 Slovakia, 1394 France, 1420 Austria, 1420 Lyons, 1424 Cologne, 1438 Mainz, 1438 Augsburg, 1442 Upper Bavaria, 1444 Netherlands, 1446 Brandenburg, 1462 Mainz, 1495 Lithuania, 1496 Portugal, 1496  Naples, 1498 Navarre, 1498 Nuremberg, 1510 Brandenburg, 1510 Prussia, 1515 Genoa, 1533 Naples, 1540 Italy, 1541 Naples, 1541 Prague, 1550 Genoa, 1551 Bavaria, 1557 Prague, 1569 Papal States, 1582 Hungary, 1649 Hamburg, 1669 Vienna, 1744 Slovakia,…etc…

As I said, logic says that there must be something very wrong with the Jews to be banished and live in exile all their lives.  So, what is wrong with the Jews?  Or is there really nothing wrong with them but a victim of horrible fate?

Whatever it is, whatever happens to them is definitely not a co-incident.   Your housemate found out that you have been flirting with his girl and thrown you out of the house is co-incident, but you being thrown out of your mum’s house and your neighbors celebrate your ‘exile’, is definitely not.    

The Jews are destined to live in exile.  Note that the key word here is ‘destined’. 

The most amazing thing is that their destiny has been written in black and white, long before they knew it would come true, which is almost like a fairy-tale.  Here’s what the Bible says about them:

Jesus said to the Jews: "Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.  (From the KJV Bible, Matthew 21:43)

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!  (From the KJV Bible, Matthew 23:37)"

"You have heard these things; look at them all. Will you not admit them? "From now on I will tell you of new things, of hidden things unknown to you. They are created now, and not long ago; you have not heard of them before today. So you cannot say, 'Yes, I knew of them.'   You have neither heard nor understood; from of old your ear has not been open. Well do I know how treacherous you are; you were called a rebel from birth.   For my own name's sake I delay my wrath; for the sake of my praise I hold it back from you, so as not to cut you off.  (From the NIV Bible, Isaiah 48:6-9)

"But now, all you who light fires and provide yourselves with flaming torches, go, walk in the light of your fires and of the torches you have set ablaze. This is what you shall receive from my hand: You will lie down in torment.  (From the NIV Bible, Isaiah 50:11

I understand that the Quran says the same thing too, more or less - about the Jews.   It is said that the Jews are stubborn, arrogant and very rude and therefore they are the lowest of mankind. They are ruthless and cruel but also coward and will create so much damage to mankind in terms of humanity, morality and the earth itself:

"And we decreed for the Children of Israel in the Scripture, that indeed you would do mischief on the earth twice and you will become tyrants and extremely arrogant! So, when the promise came for the first of the two, We sent against you slaves of Ours given to terrible warfare. They entered the very innermost parts of your homes. And it was a promise (completely) fulfilled. Then We gave you once again, a return of victory over them. And We helped you with wealth and children and made you more numerous in manpower. (And We said): 'If you do well, you do good for your ownselves, and if you do evil (you do it) against yourselves'. Then, when the second promise came to pass, (We permitted your enemies) to make your faces sorrowful and to enter the mosque (of Jerusalem) as they had entered it before, and to destroy with utter destruction all that fell in their hands. [And We Said in the Taurat (Torah)]: 'It may be that your Lord may show mercy unto you, but if you return (to sins), We shall return (to Our Punishment). And We have made Hell a prison for the disbelievers" [Qur'an 17:4-8].

'And those of the people of the Scripture backed them (the disbelievers) - Allah brought them down from their forts and cast terror into their hearts, (so that) a group (of them) you killed, and a group (of them) you made captives. And He caused you to inherit their lands, and their houses, and their riches, and a land, which you had not trodden (before)' [Qur'an 33:26-27]". [Adwa' ul-Bayaan 3/408]

"They fight not against you even together, except in fortified townships, or from behind walls. Their enmity among themselves is very great" [59:14],

"and if they fight against you, they will show you their backs, and they will not be helped" [3:111].

"And verily, you will find them (the Jews) the greediest of mankind for life.." [2:96].

Now, all these verses are written some thousands of years ago and here we are witnessing them, almost word by word.  If you are looking for God, then you don’t have to look further.  The Jews are evident that God exists. 

Of course, not all Jews are bad, but that doesn’t mean that the words of God are not true.  God has specifically caution us and remind us of the existence of such human who call themselves Jews or the Israelis or the children of Israel who will cause the world so much pain and damage. 

Ironically, it is the Jews too, who helped make the world a better place with their inventions and discoveries.  They are the ones who explore the earth and learn from God’s great universe.  They are the ones who knew better about the Power That Be, but choose to deny. 

The Muslims believe in these verses and take the words of the Quran seriously.  The Christians, however, are divided.  Some Christians are scared of being accused as anti-semitics or racists should they choose to believe in the words of the Bibles.  Some Christians even doubt the Bible and interpret it differently in order to suit what they believe as humane and just, that is to not judge the Jews. 

However, things are started to change around the world.  More and more Christians are able to see the truth and the world now agrees that it is the Zionist that is the problem, not the Jews as a race or Judaism as a religion.  It is the Zionists that give all the Jews a bad name. 

The Muslims, though taking the verses of the Quran seriously, never make any preparation to face the worst of the Zionist Jews.  Instead, the Muslims weep for their fate for decades, and wait patiently for the day where they will rise.  Nothing is done in between the waiting, except, of course, pray. 

The Muslims actually believe that they can one day rise, by just praying. 

Many Muslims believe that their horrible fate is a punishment for not being good enough Muslims and blame every other Muslims as sinners.  They blame the destruction on other Muslims for drinking alcohol, for wearing jeans or necktie that resembles the Zionists.

And most of all, they believe that it is the Muslim women not covering the heads is what caused the destruction of the Muslim world. 

Well, if this is true then tell me what happened to Afghanistan?  The women there are all covered up from head to toe and not allowed to go out and about.  The men have been claiming themselves as the ‘holliest of them all’.  Yet, the country was bombed back to stone-ages.

So, it looks to me that covering up all women and not drinking alcohol are not enough to stop the destruction of the Muslim’s world.   

The worst part is that the Muslims don’t even dare to admit that their theory is wrong!  They keep insisting that their theory of destruction is right even as they watch their brothers and sisters being killed by the Zionist and its proxies - for decades. 

The Muslims continue to preach on covering up the women and call all Muslims to pray harder - and that is all there is – for decades. 

Today, I heard that some schools in Malaysia have increased the hours for Islamic subjects and cut the hours for Math and Science in the Muslims’ effort to ‘rise’ again.

What they didn’t know is that while the prayers are meant to keep them on the right path and give them strength in spirit, only math and science can help them defend themselves, physically.  By cutting the hours for math and science, the Muslims are leaping further and further backwards, thus invite greater destruction to themselves.    

If only the Muslims take some time to think and not so busy pointing fingers at others, they will realized that the Prophet Muhammad too, didn’t win the wars just by simply praying.  Instead, he strategized and strived to be above the enemies.  The lesson here is that, even he, couldn’t win the war by just praying. 

Prophet Muhammad won the war because Allah helped him through brilliant strategies and great leadership combined with strong loyal men armed with adequate weaponry. 

This is because, Islam is a logical religion and I found this out from the Quran.  Allah works through math and science as is seen in the universe.   As such, it is said that the greatest and miraculous gift of all, is the ‘brain’ itself.  Therefore, you cannot pray and wait for miracle but you must create miracle!

The Zionists invented weapons to destroy you but they also invented tools and equipments that you use to make your life easier – the planes, the medicines, the cars, the facebooks…  How can you blame them totally when you have to thank them too?  Why couldn’t you invent these things yourself after all these lives? 

What have you been using your brains for if not for the good of mankind?  Why do you not follow the Quran, when you recite it everyday?  Why do you refuse to acknowledge the miracle of your brain, the greatest gift all?

And until the Muslims are able to understand this, and accept this and do something about this, ‘the rise of the Muslims’ as written in the Quran, may not come any time soon. 

I rest my case.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Are the Jews “Victims” of Hate – or are THEY the HATERS?

I just thought that this is something worth sharing. I will write about this when I can.  For the time being, enjoy the reading: 

An Open Letter to Jewish journalist, Dr. Henry Makow

(E-mailed to Dr. Makow on 2/21/08)

Dear Dr. Makow:
I have enjoyed your many articles on different subjects, including the New World Order, the Illuminati, and the Feminist Movement.  I happen to be a female physician, in a particularly "macho" specialty – Orthopedic Surgery - in which there are very few women, but I agree with you about the destruction of masculinity in America.  I don’t know if you have specifically laid the blame for this movement, but it clearly should be laid at the feet of the Jews.  The super feminists who have led the Feminist movement from the very beginning have been Jews:  Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem, etc.  The Feminist movement is Jewish to its core.  It is part of the plan for the destruction of the family and the destruction of Christianity.
I also agree with you that the BIG Jews are perfectly happy to destroy the rank and file Jews.
But here is where I disagree with you.  You say that the rank and file
Jews are really not responsible for the plan of the elitist Jews to control the world and destroy the Gentiles.  I agree that the rank and file Jews do not KNOW the extent of the plan.  But Jews in general are raised with a Talmudic culture, whether they have heard of the Talmud or not.  They are raised with the idea that they are better than Gentiles, that they have a right to control them, take whatever belongs to them, and look down on them.
Believe me, I have plenty of experience and knowledge of this attitude.
My mother was born and raised in Brooklyn.  When my mother was a little schoolgirl in Brooklyn, on Jewish holidays there were only two students in her class, - herself and one other (“Gentile”) girl.  Everyone else was Jewish.  My mother knew very well that all the (Jewish) shopkeepers were trying to cheat Gentiles, they lied constantly to Gentiles, and looked down on Gentiles.
When I was a resident in my medical training, at one point I rotated through a Jewish hospital.  I had never seen such rude, undignified, uncouth and downright degenerate behavior by human beings.  The Jewish doctors yelled at each other in the Operating Room, they called each other names, they threw surgical instruments at each other in the hallway in the Operating Room area - sometimes from as far away as 20 feet, they had huge, loud verbal brawls with each other in the hallways of the area where patients' rooms were, with the patients all standing (those who could) in the doorway watching this fiasco, they lied about the surgical procedures they had performed in the O.R. when they turned out badly (I would have scrubbed with them on the procedure and I KNEW what they had done, but when those cases were presented in the doctors' conference, they flat-out LIED) and all sorts of other crude, uncouth and immoral behavior about which I could go on and on and on.
When I asked them WHY they behaved in such a barbaric, childish, primitive, way, they looked at me with surprise and said, “Oh, that’s fun!”
The reason that Jews have been kicked out of nearly every country in the world for hundreds and hundreds of years is NOT because they are hated because of their “race” – it is because of their barbarian, uncouth, immoral and disgusting behavior!
For two years after I left my rotation at that Jewish hospital, I couldn't even go back in its doors for the city-wide Orthopedic conferences we would occasionally have there because I actually became nauseated when I entered that hospital, even though I got in trouble with my superiors for not attending the conference.  For several years after I left that hospital, when Ieven drove down the main thoroughfare of the city that passed within a few blocks of that hospital, I would get sick to my stomach.
I was raised as a Christian, to be kind and civil and courteous to people.  But it was clear that virtually ALL the Jews at that hospital (with the exception of maybe one or two) were behaving like barbarians. THIS is why the Jews have been thrown out of scores of countries in the world throughout history.  Even the average rank and file Jew has NO concern for anyone but himself.
I agree that not all Jews are like that, but the few who aren't are such extreme examples they are almost reportable in a medical or political journal.  My best friend in college was Jewish.  She was generous, kind, and the antithesis of the average Jew.  She also HATED the way the Jews behaved - even the behavior of her own mother, who her Jewish father divorced to marry a Gentile.  My friend loved her mother, but she told her on many occasions , "Mom, I love you but I am NEVER going to be like you."  Her mother was a typical, complaining, selfish, neurotic, Jewish mother who was always putting a guilt trip on her children.
And what about the Kol Nidre oath!  That is NOT just repeated by the elitist Jews.  The rank and file Jew goes to temple once a year to repeat that oath to absolve themselves of all the cheating, lying and stealing they plan to do in the coming year.
My point is, if it is not already clear, that the rank and file Jews are VERY responsible for what is going on at the top.  They TOO believe they have the right to rule over Gentiles.  They TOO believe in the lies of the supposed "extermination" camps of the Holocaust, and that THEY are the ones who have been victimized above ALL others, and that the suffering of anyone else doesn't matter at all - including the slaughter of 100 million Gentiles in Russia and the Ukraine by the Jews (the Jewish Bolsheviks like Lenin, Stalin, Marx and Trotsky), the present "genociding" of the Palestinians by the Jews, and many, many other instances of this type of ugly Jewish behavior against Gentiles throughout history.
I am not Jewish, but I have blood relatives who are Jewish, and I love them as much as all my other non-Jewish relatives.  Fortunately, they don't behave like the majority of Jews behave.
Jewishness is NOT a race, it is a culture - the culture of the Talmud, which, as you well know, is about the filthiest, most hateful book on the face of the earth – a book that states, “Even the best of the Gentiles should ALL be killed.”  If that is not HATE-speech – then what is?  
I do not hate or dislike Jews.  But I certainly hate the way that most of them behave.  God loves every person the same, and so must we, but the Jews will have to do a LOT of reaping of their atrocious, hateful behavior in order to eventually "reap what they have sown" as God’s Word clearly states will happen.
Their immoral, hateful behavior will ultimately destroy them as a people.  They, as a people, will self-destruct because “Hate” eventually destroys the one who hates!
Lorraine Day, M.D.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

No More Vernacular Schools: What Say NUCC and ‘the-new-NGO-for-unity-that-has-yet-to-be-named’?

After ‘Negaraku’ (I still can’t believe that this is an NGO’s name) there is a new NGO set up by the same people or at least the people who belong to the same group – the liberals, namely Saifuddin Abdullah and Mujahid Rawa.  Yes, I was made to understand that one of them is from UMNO and another from PAS but I bet that they are both there, for DAP, though they, themselves might not know it. 

Both of them are, respectively, the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of this new NGO. The crazy thing is, this NGO has yet to have a name.  I don’t understand…what’s so hard about finding a name?  Ambiga can call hers ‘Negaraku’, so Saifuddin can call his ‘Negaraku too’ or anything like that, right? 

I mean, just give it any name, it won’t make any difference.  It still plays the same song.  And why in such a hurry to announce the NGO when you have not had a name?    

It is stated that this new NGO is all about curbing racism and uniting the people of Malaysia.  Funny, that both the Chairman and the Deputy of this new NGO are already being given the same task under National Unity Consultation Council (NUCC).  The setting up of a new NGO with the same objective only marks their failure in NUCC thus makes the Council’s failure an official one. 

With the same ‘failed’ people running the NGO, how can we expect much? 

In fact, how can we expect anything from these same groups of lowly-hypocritical liberals?

These liberals know and we all know for a fact that the problem of racism lies with the racists who refuse to blend in with the original settlers, even refuse to go to the same school.  The problem keeps growing with their constant denials of being the descendents of immigrants who ‘overstayed their visits’. 

Therefore, the only way to curb racism in Malaysia is to first teach these racists to accept who they are and admit what they are.  Unfortunately, asking such thing from the racists is just too much.  You cannot expect the racists to be rationale or admit anything because they are just not capable of it.  There is no conscience. 

Just like the Zionists who don’t have any guilt for taking everything away from the Palestinians, these racists too, feel that they have the rights to take anything they like from anybody.  If you try to reason with them, they will straight away call you a racist.  That’s just how their minds work – it doesn’t get connected to the heart because there is no heart.   

Just days ago, the National GPMS Alumni Organisation has again voiced out what the rationale Malaysians have been saying, that is, Malaysia needs to stop entertaining future demands for construction of vernacular schools. It is clear that nothing good is achieved from having Chinese or Tamil Type Schools and only bad and the worst things come out from it.  Plus, it doesn’t make sense to have a Tamil or Chinese Type school, sometimes, next to the National School, just to accommodate around 10 or so students.  It’s non-practical and a waste of tax-payers money.

Denying this and choosing to go along with whatever the demands by the racists are the worst mistake any government could ever make.  These vernacular schools are going to breed more and worse kinds of racists that will be harder or impossible to curb. 

The NUCC has obviously denied this and that is why it failed.  And with the same people heading this new NGO-for-unity-that-has-no-name, I don’t think Malaysians are going to unite very soon. 

Let’s face it.  Racism is not caused by Bumiputra Rights or Islam being the official religion.  It is caused by Vernacular Schools!  Until NUCC or whatever NGO these liberals are going to set up in the name of unity acknowledge this fact, nothing can be done to curb racism in the country. 

So stop setting up new NGOs will ya?  Go get a life! Unless, you want to hold a record as someone who set up the most NGOs, you may spend your whole life doing so.  But you know what? Margaret Thatcher once said that she didn’t want to die washing dishes like other women.  Well, I think it is more pathetic to die setting up stupid NGOs…

Thursday, August 7, 2014

17 August 2014: The End of Pakatan Rakyat?

Pakatan Rakyat has always been an unlikely alliance.  Three parties with three different principles and objectives are never meant to be together.  The only way for the alliance to work is to have mutual respect for each other and to acknowledge Anwar Ibrahim as the ultimate leader. 

However, this simple condition is just too much for all the three parties.  None of them respect the other and all of them want to be the ultimate leader. 

PKR sees the alliance as a vehicle to get Anwar Ibrahim to the Prime Minister’s seat in Putrajaya while DAP sees Anwar Ibrahim as a tool for the Chinese to rule Malaysia.  None of the two pay any attention to PAS but expect the party to just tow-the-line and follow orders. 

There was never so much problem with the arrangement, though there have been disputes over Hudud and Negara Islam and things like that.  But PAS has always been the obedient dog and Anwar is always ready to play any part at all, as long as he remains in the limelight.  Both PAS and Anwar were always happy to kow-tow to DAP, even when ‘Islam’ is at stake.  So, there was no problem that the alliance could not handle then.

It is clear to the people that in Pakatan Rakyat, Anwar may be the ultimate leader, but DAP has always been the boss.  The crazy part is that, both DAP and Anwar Ibrahim wants to play ‘dictator’.

This time, Anwar and DAP are in agreement that they need to change the Chief Minister of Selangor.  One of the main reasons to oust Khalid is because he has failed to get JAIS to return the bibles to the Bible Society of Malaysia.

And so, the mission to replace Khalid Ibrahim is carried out fiercely and mercilessly.  It is now no more a dispute or a little internal problem, but a ruthless war.  Khalid is accused of being corrupt, weak, incapable, even disloyal. No more talks about his credibility and valuable experience as a corporate figure that we used to hear in the last election.  Khalid is now the worst person ever lived in this world.  Khalid needs to be replaced with Anwar Ibrahim’s wife! 

It doesn’t matter that Anwar Ibrahim’s wife, the Puppet President of PKR doesn’t perform.  It doesn’t matter that PKR is in haywire and need her attention and action.  It doesn’t matter that she is proven to be far worse a leader than Khalid Ibrahim. 

All that matter is that Anwar will have a hand in Selangor’s administration while DAP pats his shoulder.  

Anwar and DAP could have things go their way even if the majority in their parties do not agree with them.  However, things just blow out of proportion when PAS chooses to ‘disobey’ their orders and defend Khalid. 

For that, DAP gives PAS a warning and harsh words are said.  Just like Khalid, PAS is also accused of disloyalty. 

DAP’s message to PAS is so far very clear, that the only solution in this situation is for PAS to come to its senses and know its place in Pakatan Rakyat.  PAS must understand that going against DAP and Anwar’s wish is unacceptable because PAS is just a dog and is in no position to talk, what more disobey.

PAS managed to pull its strength and insisted on having a meeting to discuss the matter further. 

The meeting that was first set on 10th August was postponed to 13th August and then again to 17th August.  Looks like choosing a meeting date is a big problem too. 

PAS is in great pressure as can be seen in its official portal, Harakahdaily whereby the President is being attacked by the members openly.  This, I heard from a friend of mine just over breakfast this morning.  Gone are the days where the ‘Ulamas of PAS’ cannot be criticized.  Today, PAS members call their Ulamas names just because they do not kow-tow to DAP and Anwar. 

This morning, Lim Kit Siang posted in his blog that this meeting is not so much about Khalid’s fate, but more of Pakatan Rakyat’s. 

There is no doubt that there can only be two options for Khalid and PAS, that is, the DAP’s/Anwar’s way, or get out of the way. 

Either way, the Selangor people will still lose. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Toll and VEP Blues: Singapore First, Malaysia Second?

I hope it’s not too late for me to wish the Muslims Happy Hari Raya.  I understand that the Hari Raya lasts for at least a month.  Just like all Malaysians, I spent the holiday going to open houses and filling my tummy with ‘ketupat’ and my head with gas.  It took me a few days to recover from the ‘hangover’.  
So, I enjoyed the Raya first, and wished the Muslims later… sorry for that.

This morning, as I checked on my mails and chatted with friends, I noticed that my previous article on DAP’s attempt to stop Malaysia from buying weapons from Russia had hit some buttons. There are people who are not very happy with me laying out the possibilities and strategies of ‘the enemy’ for the rakyat to ponder.

It also turns out that the connection between Israel, the Chinese, DAP and Singapore is a little too hard for some people to swallow. These people would rather be in denial or remain ignorant so that they can continue their lives pretending that everything is fine and that they have everything under control because they know it all. 

Well, let me remind you that nobody knows it all, not even Mr. Rothschild who owns the world. And most people don’t even know themselves. 

All we have or I have is just theories and imagination plus knowledge of history to guide us through the future.   

And theories are not made by plucking ideas in thin air.  Theories are made by solving bits of puzzles there and there to create sensible stories.   For me, the news about DAP fighting for Singapore instead of Malaysia in the Johor causeway toll hike issue provides one more piece of the global political puzzle, falling into place. 

We all know for a fact that prior to Malaysian’s decision to increase the toll price, Singapore had first announced on last 1st of July, that Malaysian motorists driving into Singapore will need to pay SGD35 per day for Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) fee, SGD15 more than the current fee. 

However, it seems that DAP thinks that it is okay for Singapore to squeeze the money out from people who enters the country but it is not okay for Malaysia to squeeze the same from the Singaporeans. The new toll rates were imposed on August 1st, 2014, and on the same day, Singapore increased its VEP charge from RM38 to RM86, to match the hike.

It’s a stupid move and Malaysia is losing much more, the causeway will become a white elephant and blah…blah…blah…  Malaysia this, Malaysia that…Malaysia is always doing the wrong thing! - so DAP says. 

Hmm…why don’t we see or hear any protest against Singapore’s increasing its VEP?  Shouldn’t the protest be ‘mutual’ against both countries’ decisions, if not ‘the other way around’? 

So, it seems that DAP is saying, ‘if Malaysia wants to make money, it must not be at the stake of the Singaporeans.  Let Singapore make money from us because it has the rights to.’

Why?  Is it because the country is superior than us as it is ruled by the Chinese?

I agree that the increase is too much - ON BOTH SIDES!  And don’t give me the bullshit of we need to kow-tow to every Singapore’s stunt because our people need the jobs there.  You know…sometimes, when people started pulling hard, we have no choice but to pull back hard too or we will end up with nothing to hold on to.   

Singapore needs us just as much as we need them, or may be more…because humans need water to live, and land to live on, or make money from.  Singapore doesn’t have water nor land.  And what do we know about half of Johor that is said to be theirs already?

Just because Malaysia is generous and kind, doesn’t mean that we should ‘share’ or give it all unconditionally. 
Therefore, let’s just say that no country is above the other and not be biased.  I understand that for some race being biased is a natural, but just try anyway.

Now, based on this issue alone, am I wrong to question DAP’s loyalty to the country?  Or am I wrong about the Chinese and their attitude?  Majority of my office mate is DAP-Chinese and I seriously doubt that I am wrong.  They all speak for Singapore like true-Singaporeans.