Tuesday, February 25, 2014

“‘Lim Ah Guan’ Is Not Chinese, You Stupid Racist!”

Recently, a Minister, Tan Sri Joseph Kurup has come out with an idea to remove ‘race’ category in all forms and official forms. This way, he said, would help to truly unite all Malaysians whereby we don’t identify ourselves by race anymore.

The idea was received with a ‘slap’ by Perkasa, which I think the Tan Sri deserves.

As expected, MCA loves the idea and I bet so does DAP, since the same idea was raised by Hannah Yeoh not long ago when she couldn’t bring herself to register her newborn as an Indian - as per the father.

I really cannot imagine how does declaring one’s race would spark racial sentiment – unless, of course, for the hard-core racists.

And I honestly don’t think that Tan Sri Joseph is a racist, but I must apologize to the Tan Sri as I think that his idea is ‘delusionally-naïve’.

The only way to make the idea of removing ‘race’ in forms achieves its objective is by making sure that all Malaysians use Malaysian name, just like how Indonesians use Indonesian name regardless of their race. Our names identify our race that we don’t need the word ‘race:’ to divide us.

For example, there is no point in not stating the race if the name is Ahmad, Lim Ah Guan or Muthusamy. Everybody knows that Lim Ah Guan is not a Malay and Muthusamy is not a Chinese. Unless all Chinese and Indians are willing to be called Ali or Murad, then only the idea will make some sense.

However, I believe that the Chinese would be jumping up and down just hearing about my suggestion of using a Malaysian name. I can already hear them screaming ‘RACIST!’ hysterically and point out that Malaysian name must not necessarily sounds Malay. Well..well..so much of Malaysian first eh? Who is the racist here again?

So, how does a Malaysian name sounds like? Lim Ah Guan? Or Richard?

A true Malaysian must accept the fact that Malaysian identity is based on and revolves around Malay culture and tradition. A true Malaysian must embrace the country as it is – the roots and the routes it took to be what it is today.

If you refuse to acknowledge these facts, then not stating your race in official forms doesn’t make you a true Malaysian, but makes you the greatest hypocrite of all.

You see, removing ‘race’ in forms will not make a racist less racist, nor will it make the Chinese more patriotic and willing to let their kids join the army. Removing ‘race’ will not make DAP hates Malays any less.

However, I bet it will open more opportunities for the Chinese to climb the ladder to the highest posts in GLCs but will not guarantee the same opportunity for the Malays in private sectors. It will also help the Chinese conquer government projects, but it will not guarantee the Malay entrepreneurs to not be sabotaged by the Chinese wholesalers, manufacturers or shop-owners.

Now, be informed that ‘race’ is always the game here and I’m only helping the Malays and the Bumis to see it clearly. Don’t be so naïve ok? Don’t be delusional also. The only people who support Tan Sri Joseph’s idea of unity are the racists, disguised only in slogans of ‘Malaysian First’. These people are pathetic hypocrites of the worst possible kind.

If these people are sincere in striving for unity, then they must first let go of vernacular schools which is clearly ‘race-based’. Except for Malaysia, no other country in the world has vernacular schools as everybody knows that it would become the breeding ground of the racists.

In fact, I believe that we would not be talking about this stupid racial sentiments and Tan Sri Joseph wouldn’t come out with his stupid idea of removing ‘race’ in forms, and I, would not be writing this stupid article, if Malaysia didn’t have the stupid vernacular schools in the first place.

As stupid as the Tan Sri’s idea is, the people who is pushing for the idea are not that stupid, but only stupid enough to think that everybody else is as stupid. So, how stupid can you be?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Son of God and the Crusaders of 13 May?

Christians and Muslims basically share the same history. They share the same prophets, with exception of Muhammad, for the Christians. The Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God while Muslims believe that Jesus is just another prophet, a human in every way, just like Muhammad.

Regardless of this little but significant difference, Muslims and Christians both like to make religion as the world’s matter, not a personal matter.

And of all the things in common of the two religions, there is one thing that the Christians have but the Muslims don’t, that is, power. The Christians gain power through knowledge. To put it in short: ‘Bright is Might’ and ‘Might is Right’, therefore, ‘Bright is Right’. At least, that’s how the world sees it which is why, people of other religions in Malaysia, such as Buddhists or Hindus, look up on the Christians and ‘want to be like’ the Christians. And it just so happened that the Christians represent the Mat Sallehs.

This is why it important to be bright because when you are bright everybody would say that you are right, even when you are wrong.

Even so, the ‘brighter and mightier Christians’ have issues with the Bibles, just like the Muslims with their Quran. The Muslims find that there are so many versions of Quran’s interpretation that some of them think Kassim Ahmad is a ‘kafir’ and some don’t think so. Some thinks that the Shiites are non-Muslims but some don’t think so.

Like the Muslims, the Christians are divided into so many churches of beliefs with three most common ones: Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestants.

Naturally, the Catholics think that they are hollier than the Protestants and the Orthodox and vice versa; and forever they disagree with each other on little things such as ‘what actually happened during Jesus’s Last Supper’.

Being the ones with power, the Christians have the ‘strength’ to come out with million-dollar movies to promote the religion and their versions of the truth. Over the years, there are few movies about Jesus Christ, eg. ‘Jesus’, “Passion of Christ’ and the up and coming soon, ‘Son of God’.

All of these movies had sparked controversies among Christians. The Passion of Christ, for instance, was said to be made by Catholics and so, the Evangelicals were a little uneasy, even ‘afraid’ to watch the movie.

The new movie ‘Son of God’ on the other hand, is said to be too Protestants and that the Catholics are called to not support the movie.

With all the fights with the Muslims over the name ‘Allah’ in Bibles, I foresee the ‘good Christians’ in Malaysia would be all too happy to embrace the controversy of the movie ‘Son of God’. The only difference is that, the Christians in Malaysia may not be looking at the movie from the Protestant’s, Catholic’s or Orthodox’s point of view, but rather from the Muslims’ point of view.

I’m not sure how many of the Malaysian Christians actually learn in-depth about which church to follow. Unlike the Mat Sallehs who firmly hold on to a particular version of Christianity with all their hearts, many Malaysians’ Chinese or Indian Christians I know, don’t really care about the many versions of Christians’ beliefs. They are not even interested to study it. All they want is to be Christians like the Mat Sallehs and who cares which version is the truth.

According to Wikipedia, the major Christian denominations in Malaysia include the Anglicans, Baptists, Brethren, non-denominational churches, independent Charismatic churches, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterian and Roman Catholics.

And for the record, among all these many Christians’ churches, the only parties that ‘permitted’ the word ‘Allah’ to be used in the Bibles is, the Catholics…and,..ironically, the Muslims’ liberalists.

The word ‘Allah’ in Bible had made headlines in the U.S too, some time ago. It created an uproar and strong objection from the Christians community all over.

In 2012, a Christian’s journal, ‘Christianity Today’, once wrote a cover story about it, “The Son and the Crescent”, whereby it received mounting protests on Christian websites and a petition to the translators by a consortium of Christian missionaries and leaders.

The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) then officially rebuked Wycliffe Bible Translators' approach to translating the phrase "Son of God" for Muslims, where it replaced ‘God’ with ‘Allah’. The church recommended that the small denomination's churches withdraw financial support from such Bible translations if they remain uncorrected. Wycliffe was risking the support from the 3-million-member Assemblies of God that it eventually agreed to a review of its practices by the World Evangelical Alliance.

Two years before that, on January 9, 2010, Pastor Brutus Balan from the Baptist Church in Australia also stated that, the church did not agree with Christians using the word ‘Allah’ to refer to ‘The Lord’.

The fact is clear that Christians in majority, protest the word ‘Allah’ in Bibles.

Since the movie ‘Son of God’ will be coming to our cinemas soon, I just cannot help wondering how the Malay-subtitles is going to be. Will they translate it to ‘Son of Allah’? Would the Christians really go to that extend just to intimidate the Malays?

I’m not surprised if they do because I heard that there are calls made to start a Holy War. It looks to me like the Christians here have gotten the Crusades and the 13 May tragedy all mixed-up.

If this is true that some Christians are calling for a Holy War, then be reminded that there is nothing holy about politicizing religion. Leave politics to the politicians and racial provocation to the racists. Christians should just focus on being a good Christians.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Doomed For Being So Dumb

Rome did not become a great civilization in 5 years time. China did not become a great empire in 10 years time. The Jews did not become a great power in a couple of years. Great successes take years and years of hardwork, planning and focus. In most cases, it surpasses few generations before the success is able to be materialized.

Every educated person knows this but yet not every educated person understands it.

Malaysia has always long to be a great nation and our leaders have been harping on it ever since. However, as leaders changed, the perception of a ‘great nation’ changes too. The terms of ‘hardwork’, ‘planning’ and ‘focus’ is being redefined in line with the changes.

Malaysia, at one time, had become an economic tiger and stood tall on our own two feet. We look east not because we were forced to, but because we chose to. We had the power to choose and to have our own opinions. We even had the power to say what we like, even if it means offending the superpowers.

We could have become a great nation should we stay focus and stay on the same path and not deviate from the plans. But we did just the opposite. Therefore, we are now back to zero and is again struggling to reach square one.

The lesson we never learn is that the successor must acknowledge the predecessor’s legacy and continue to build a bigger legacy from the same path. If a leader chose to build a new legacy from a whole new path then we will find ourselves going back and forth every time the leadership changes.

And every time we change the leader, is like taking three steps forward but five steps back.

Malays make the majority of Malaysians. Therefore, regardless of racial or religious sentiments, we have to accept the fact that in order for Malaysia to be strong, we need the Malays to be strong. Unfortunately, this, is the most difficult part.

While the Chinese hold on very tightly to their roots and stay focus on making their family, clan or race great throughout the generations, the Malays hold their roots very loosely and live by ‘one generation at a time’.

It is a well known but deniable facts that the Chinese in Malaysia, or DAP, particularly, has a plan to take over the country from the Malays - as seen in 13 May 1969. DAP failed then, but they learned the lesson well. They have never regretted that 13 May happened, they only denying the blame.

There is no guarantee that DAP has ceased to dream of taking over Malaysia and there is so much evidence that they are still working on it. With what is happening today, it seems very clearly that the plans, the hardwork, the focus to achieve this objective continue, only with different strategy after taking into consideration all the possible setbacks. All the while, they move in masses to persecute the plans, slowly, strategically and very patiently over centuries and generations. Every election counted and studied carefully to help them manipulate the Malays’ emotions and sentiments.

This theory of DAP’s grand design to take over the country is too much to digest by the simple Malays mindset. If only it remains a theory, which I doubt, then things will be alright for Malaysia.

The Malays in general didn’t learn anything from 13 May 1969. Except from grieving over it, many of them refuse to believe that DAP could be as ambitious and remains focus on the same objective after generations. This is nothing to be surprised about as we all know that the Malays are still having a hard time making sense of the Jews conspiracy to rule the world. All they know is that the Quran warns them to be careful of the Jews and the disbelievers… and so, that’s all they do - they ‘be careful’.

But they don’t know how to tackle or react to it except warning their children and their women to stay ‘clean’.

The Malay’s simple mind makes them unable to read between the lines and understand the strategies of the Jews or the Chinese. More often than not, the Malays use their hearts instead of their brains to figure things out.

The complicated conspiracies of the Jews to conquer the world as well as the twisting plots and strategies of the Chinese to conquer the country are simply too ‘difficult’ and ‘too long’ to even think about, what more to tackle it. And so the Malays decided that it is not true or even if it is, then it must be the fault of someone or something else which is beyond their control. As such, they would rather ignore it and get busy preparing to go to heaven. In more extreme cases, they believe that all the answers for the problems lies in the implementation of hudud law. Once they implement Hudud, Allah will save them from the cruelty of the enemies of Islam, so they thought.

Sadly, the Malay leaders have the same simple mindset as the ordinary Malays on the streets. They refuse to digest all these complicated conspiracies and strategies and prefer to assume that it is an exaggeration made up of wild-imagination over too much CIA movies on TV. They believe that the Chinese, the US, the Singaporeans are simple people just like them, who are happy enough just to have a country to rule.

Not for a slight moment did they stop and ponder how did we end up in such a mess when we had just celebrated our glory. How come the Christians are suddenly demanding this and that? Why are the non-Muslims provoking the Muslims when we have never had such problems before? Why the Malays are frustrated at the government? Why did these things happen today? How do we come to this?

Just like the rise or fall of all great civilizations, these things don’t happen overnight.

Any good leader would have seen it coming when these quarters asked the government to abolish the only Acts that could have screwed up their plans, that is, the ISA.

Then they demand for ‘openness’ until the government is forced to ‘invite’ them into the team by ‘helping’ and ‘assisting’ with consultations and advices where they managed to screw things up from the inside.

Meanwhile, their counterparts keep on provoking and challenging the majority just to keep the temperature at boiling point.

Again, let me remind you dear leaders that this is not an impromptu reaction nor is it a co-incidence. It is all ‘well-planned’ - step-by-step, and accordingly.

With all these plans already making impact, how do we be sure how thick, how deep or how high the plot is. How far have their plans been taking-off and succeeded? I think we should have some idea about how bad the situation is when we have Regina Lee among the people who have access or may be give opinions on where the country should be heading.

Now, I may sound crazy but I’m sure all of us have heard about the quote to better be safe than sorry. And, I’m sorry to say that the Malays are already in a ‘sorry’ state. Other people imagine, think, plans, plots, strategize and make it happen, while the Malays sit, look, listen, shrug it off and dream away.

I’m telling you that if the Malays want to survive in this era of ‘bright is right’, they cannot afford to be as simplistic-thinking as they have always been. Only the brightest minds survive nowadays. The fallen civilizations, the torn-apart countries, the slaughtered nations - they are all doomed because at some point, they have become dumb.

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Muslims' Dilemma: Dying to Live or Live to Die?

Mankind is always in search of The Creator. We try to find answers on how do we get here, who put us here, who made us. Some find the answers in religion, some decided to fulfill their curiosity by creating theories of evolution, some decided to not think at all. Some are able to accept the answers, some don’t, and continue searching.

Religions are associated with all the good things. No religion in the world tells us to do bad things. Although I heard that there are few beliefs that tell its followers that it’s okay to harm or kill the ‘unbelievers’ but I believe that such call is not the true teachings of that religion, and that the teachings were being ‘modified’ or changed by evil scholars. No one in the right mind should believe that such evil doings are good for the soul.

There are quite a number of religions in the world, but only two religions that have a real impact on the world, even shape the world, that is, Islam and Christian. There are about 32% Christians and 23% Muslims in this world. Islam and Muslims, however, becomes the most talk about subject of the world. If you noticed, unlike Muslims, the believers of other religions usually don’t talk much about their religion and just keep their beliefs to themselves but at the same time, seems to keep an ‘eye’ on Islam – either with suspicion or with interest.

Despite all the bad things that are said about Islam, the labeling and name callings, it remains as the fastest growing religion. More and more people in the west are converting to Islam. The more the religion is oppressed, the more people want to understand it. As for me, I keep an open mind to all religions but I certainly cannot swallow anything beyond logic. With so much attention that Islam is getting, the religion is surely worth learning and that’s what I’m doing. So far, I didn’t find anything illogical in the Quran.
Anyway, what I like to discuss here is why Islam has become the subject of hatred, thus, the Muslims, the object of oppression. The Thais are killing Muslims. The Russians are killing Muslims. The Bosnians had had their ‘chance’ of killing the Muslims. Burmese is killing their Muslims. In Syria, the Muslims are killing the Muslims. In fact, killing the Muslims is a ‘heritage’ of the Jews in Palestine.

It seems like the Buddhists, the Christians, the Jewishs, even the Muslims are all in war with Islam.

As ignorant as I may be, I don’t believe that this is the case. People fight for money, land, resources, power even women but people don’t just fight because of different beliefs, at least not those with fully functional brain in the head.

What happens is that these people with dysfunctional brains (yeap, there are too many of them) are made to believe that they are fighting for their beliefs when all the while they are being used by their leaders whose real objective is never the belief.

In ancient days, people might have fought for honour but today, the cause of fight is always materials.

Even racist don’t fight just because of differences and hatred but because the power that comes with the winning. The Chinese may hate the Malays but they won’t fight the Malays if there is no material gain to motivate them. In Malaysia’s case, it’s the political power and all the materials that come with it that could be the bet.

What I’m trying to say is that people may hate, but ‘hate’ alone isn’t enough to start a fight. There must be something in return that is worth it, in order for people to kill or willing to be killed.

Now, here comes the pathetic truth, the Muslims are willing to die for nothing in return! This means that many of the Muslims don’t have fully-functional brains. And because of their willingness to die for nothing, the Muslims have dropped their own rights to live.

In many parts of the world, we see more and more Muslims refused to live this life like the rest of mankind. Muslims prefer to be different, separated and away from the modern world. They want their own law altogether. They want autonomy. They don’t accept toleration. They don’t want to blend in with others, afraid of being sucked into the dark world of ‘entertainment’ because feeling or being entertained is a sin. They claimed that their fully-covered women who are pushed to the bottom corner of the house and never allowed to even ‘think’, are happy enough living that way. They believe that poverty and ignorance will be rewarded in the afterlife so they are happy living in poverty and ignorance.

The fact is, they are not happy. They are always angry. They are tired of the bullshit of pretending to be happy just by dreaming of the afterlife.

If you asked me, I doubt they will be happy there too. How can they be when the Quran says that mankind are put here on earth to explore and learn and do the very best to do good to as many people possible in this life. The Muslims never do that, do they?

If they didn’t do what the Quran says then how can they be rewarded in the afterlife?

No Muslims ever strive to explore the universe or to invent anything that could help mankind. They are selfish people who only live to die! So, how can they claim to be better than the rest?

Now, calm down. I’m not anti-Islam okay? I am only trying to tell the Muslims why they are the subject or object of hatred, oppression, and cleansing. Why?

Please digest this: Muslims are being killed everywhere NOT because they are devout Muslims that the evil hate them so much and whispered to the world to kill them. It is also NOT because they are terrible sinners that God punished them by sending the evil in the form of non-Muslims to kill them.

The Muslims often try to find easy answers for all their problems. That is why they don’t like mathematics or science because it’s hard, so they give excuses that math and science cannot take them to heaven. So, they become religious scholars and teach other Muslims about how to go to heaven. Don’t we all know that good people go to heaven? How else can you go to heaven?

The answer to the question of why the Muslims are being hated and massacred is because they are doing everything that the Quran says NOT to do. They refuse to live. When you refuse to live, it is more or less the same as asking to be killed. So, you get killed.

By ‘live’, I mean go out and learn, mix around, blend in, go to work as professionals, look clean and smart but keep to your limitation as Muslims. I’m not asking you to go and grab a beer, or have a one night stand with some chicks at the club. I’m not asking your women to strip naked. Just wear decently and not very differently from others because you are in no position to be demanding or stubborn. I’m telling you to look up and see the world – it’s a big, beautiful world, a great and amazing universe and a wonderful life to live - if only you start to read, learn, explore, discover and appreciate it. This is what the Quran asks you to do – the first and foremost, the ultimate reason to live. Meanwhile, be good, so you can go to heaven.

You know, you may stop the problem of baby dumping with Hudud Law, but that will only worsen the situation in every other way. It won’t make the Muslims superior. It won’t stop the killings but will only invite more prejudice and hatred. Baby dumping didn’t happen because the law is not good enough, it’s because the Muslims’ teenagers are too occupied with what’s NOT to do. Therefore, instead of telling them NO to unwed sex which will only make them more interested in it, why not take their minds away from it and tell them to read and explore the universe?

The point is, it’s not the law, it’s the low mentality caused by an almost empty head.

Well, I, for a fact, know many good Muslims who fit the teachings of the Quran. Sadly, and obviously, their numbers are way too small to make a difference. Majority of the 23% Muslims who represent the population of the world are busy preparing for the afterlife while whining about their lives on earth. Even sadder, some are feeling fulfilled, even in the absence of education and knowledge because the only education and knowledge they think they need are on the subjects of the afterlife.

So I’m telling the Muslims that if you want to stop the killing, you must first stop treating your women like animals or robots or slaves and stop that hollier than thou attitude when you know for a fact that you have NOTHING to boast or brag for. You can’t even guarantee a good afterlife even for Nik Aziz.

Now, stop pretending and start learning. Just think about it, how can there be an ‘after-life’ when there is no ‘before-life’? Ask yourself, just because you’re breathing, does that mean you have a life now?

That’s all I have to say to the Muslims and as brutal as it may sounds, I said it all with good intention.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Legacy Tunku Abdul Rahman Forum: Kit Siang’s Reliving the ‘Glory’ of 13 May?

Lim Kit Siang has never shown respect, what more appreciation towards any of UMNO leaders. For Kit Siang, all UMNO leaders are racists, idiots, bigots, corrupt, incapable, ineffective or simply useless.

However, Lim Kit Siang seems to have something good to say about Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first Prime Minister of Malaysia and the Father of Independence. Believe it or not, Kit Siang even delivered a speech at a forum held in honour of the late Tunku last Monday 9 February.

The forum ‘Legacy of Tunku Abdul Rahman’, was held in New Era College in Kajang whereby Ambiga Sreevanesan was also among the speakers. In his speech, Kit Siang praised the Tunku as a leader who didn’t give any room for extremists and traitors and promoted peace, love, harmony and prosperity.

Why is Tunku ‘different’ from other UMNO leaders in Kit Siang’s eyes? Why does the Tunku deserve his respect that other UMNO leaders don’t?

Let’s not get confuse here. Kit Siang does not respect the Tunku. It was the days of the Tunku’s ruling that he longs for. It was, during the Tunku’s ruling that Kit Siang managed to show the people the power of the Chinese! Tunku didn’t give room for extremists and traitors but his ignorance or perhaps, ‘naivety’ had instead gave the racial extremists and traitors like Kit Siang, not just a ‘room’, but too wide a space in the country.

No wonder Kit Siang speaks very highly of Tunku’s leadership. It was Tunku’s leadership that led us to the 13th May tragedy.

Isn’t it ironic that Kit Siang keeps warning us about the possibility of another 13 May but at the same time longs for the leadership that was blamed for the tragedy?

13 May tragedy had forced Tunku to resign and the country was put back to order by Tun Abdul Razak.
Therefore, if Kit Siang was honest in his expression of regret over 13 May, then it only makes sense if he honoured Tun Abdul Razak and not Tunku.

Apparently, the only regret Kit Siang may have over the tragedy is that the Chinese had failed to take over the country. Kit Siang himself was caught for inciting hatred and sparking racial tensions.

History spells Kit Siang as a ‘racial-tension engineer’. He knows how to initiate it and generate it and eventually blow it up. If we look very closely, read his blog postings, follow his speeches and watch his actions, we could sense that he is repeating what he did in the days before the tragedy.

Only this time, he has learned his lesson as to not be blamed. So, in his pre-emptive measure, he hinted that UMNO and the Malays are on the brink of repeating 13 May, while his party continues to provoke, challenge and even call for war, using disguises as Christians, NGOs or independent individuals.

It seems that this very irresponsible man is waiting for the moment when the Malays would burst in anger. He doesn’t care if his own people (the chinese) be the subject of attack because that would mean ‘collateral damage’ in a bigger war to take over the country from the Malays.

It seems that Kit Siang’s ultimate goal is to see the country being ruled by the Chinese. He doesn’t care of the damage that could happen in the process. That is why he longs for weak and clueless leadership where he could plan and strategize without being suspected.

Do you know that after the 13 May tragedy, the authorities had found hidden places where the Chinese used to stock food - obviously for supply during their much anticipated 13 May? This is a proof that the Chinese had prepared and planned for the bloodshed all the while.

Now, can we guarantee that they are not preparing, or already prepared for it now? Let’s hope not.

Let’s hope that most of the Chinese are more rationale than Kit Siang and have more sense than to sacrifice their very comfortable lives just to put Kit Siang’s clan in power. The chinese should know for a fact what a dictator this man is.

A man who doesn’t feel guilty or regret over a bloody tragedy is never a kind-hearted and fair leader. Would you rather put a cruel dictator to replace a fair and democratic leader just for the sake of racial power?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Teresa Kok, a Heroic Villain?

Amidst Teresa Kok’s ‘heroic’ stunt by mocking the PM in her Chinese New Year’s video, a blog, (DAPInsider.blogspot.com), exposed what a ‘villain’ she is.

In DAP’s moral standard, making fun and mocking others of different races are considered ‘heroic’. And in DAP’s moral standard also, giving contracts and awarding projects out of ‘direct negotiation’ is considered ‘transparent practice’.

According to DAPInsider, this is what Teresa Kok the ‘hero’, had done in Selangor that is, awarding projects by direct negotiation.

The project is said to be on a “2 piece of land in Dengkil and Kuala Kubu Bahru located at Sepang and Hulu Selangor district.

Selangor Foundation known as Yayasan Selangor owned 2 piece of land in Dengkil under Sepang district and Kuala Kubu Bahru under Hulu Selangor district. Land in Dengkil , PT. 39693 with size of 15.17 acre were rented to private religious school with RM25k/month renting fee. Land in Kuala Kubu Bahru, PT. 521 rented to PLKN (Pusat Latihan Khidmat Negara) consist of 2 camps on it with renting fee of RM700k which is the highest contributor/income to Yayasan Selangor. Both land total size approximately 40 to 50 acres.”

It was said that, Goldsino Investment Development Ltd., a company from Zhuhai China was eyeing for the land to put up a Solar Photovaltaic Power Plant project. Apparently, the contact person was Teresa Kok whom was mentioned directly in the LOI from Goldsino to Yayasan.

Goldsino’s proposal was to lease the land for 25 years for the project that is estimated to worth up to RM1 billion.

What is amazing about this whole deal is that it was wrapped-up in less than a month. The LOI by Goldsino was sent on 14 December 2011 and an MOU for the project was signed on 27 December 2011.

I have experienced dealing in FDI and I have never come across such a ‘smooth’ and ‘speedy’ deal. The usual process of meeting up, negotiate, study, LOI, MOU and all would take months if not years. A project worth a billion would surely take a long time to sort out and getting a mutual agreement on every aspect of such a big project would be the most difficult process, not mentioning the bureaucracy.

If the federal government is trying to attract investment through less bureaucracy, DAP is doing it with absolutely no bureaucracy.

I don’t know how such deal is made in such a short time with very few people involved. And these are the people who talk about transparencies and open tenders. These are the people who talk about anti-corruption and good governance.

Anyway, you can read the details in DAPInsider yourself.
All I can say is that, unless you were born yesterday, you must sense that there is something fishy about the whole deal. If you are 20 years old or older and insist that DAP is clean even after reading this, then you must either be the biggest hypocrite or the biggest idiot in the country.

So, it’s time to wake up and say the truth, people! You may support any party you like in the name of ‘freedom to choose’ but you should never say what is wrong as right. You wanna make a change in the country? Then start with the man in the mirror! You cannot be screaming out for others to do good when you can’t even say the truth.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Herald Malaysia Online: Politically Catholic?

I took some time to read through The Herald online today just for curiosity sake. I think I don’t have to repeat that I am not a religious person. I read the Herald today just because I saw the link in some other blog that I read ealier. I must say that if it wasn’t for the web address or the title, I would have thought that I was reading Malaysiakini or Malaysian Insider and I wasn’t surprised.

If I were to hope for some enlightenment from The Herald, I was instead pulled over to the darkest corner. If I were to look for reconciliation, I only saw provocation.

If I was looking for the Lord, I am now confused! How can I not be when the Pope was recorded saying: “God is a father who never disowns his children - Pope affirms”

Pope says that God is a father. The Muslims says that Allah doesn’t have a son. And this Father Lawrence Andrew is saying that Allah is God.

Almost all of the news and articles in The Herald is about the fights of the Christians to use the word ‘Allah’ in Malaysia. If Catholic is really like what The Herald makes it look, then it must be a political party, not a religion and certainly not Christian.

We have long witnessed Islam being politicized by PAS and today, Christian too, has become a political tool, thanks to DAP. I doubt that DAP is doing this for the religion. Just like PAS, it is all about power and money. However, there is one thing more for DAP in this, that is ‘race’.

Which takes us to the difference between DAP and PAS: DAP is all about power of the race (Chinese), while PAS doesn’t mind sacrificing the race (Malays) for power.

Some Christians had actually disagreed with me that the whole ‘Allah’ name issue is mere political propaganda of a much bigger hand from the west. Some actually expressed concerned on why didn’t I support their fights to use ‘Allah’ in the Bible – for the sake of our brothers and sisters in Sabah and Sarawak, so they say.

Well, I have a brother in Sabah and he doesn’t want to pray to the Muslim’s ‘Allah’, and he uses The Lord instead. Now that the things become a dispute, he feels even more uneasy when his congregation prays to ‘Allah’ in church.

I guess he would rather follow the Vatican and worships ‘the Lord’ instead of following Father Andrew and worships ‘Allah’. On top of that, he would rather follow what Jesus told us to do that is, to choose peace over war. We all know that the only way to maintain peace is to abide by the law and the ruler.

Abiding the Law and the Ruler, doesn’t make us a traitor to Jesus or the Lord. It also doesn’t mean that we must never criticize our leaders. It simply means to put peace and order above all, for our own sake.

It is disturbing to learn that some quarters in Sabah/Sarawak already call out for war against the Muslims.

Now, where does all these hostility come from?

This is why, there shouldn’t be a catholic-political news source in the first place. It is very irresponsible of The Herald to keep on pushing on the issue when the court has made a decision. Perhaps, it is not the use of Allah’s name by non-Muslims that is supposed to be banned, but it is The Herald’s license what has to be revoked.

Some Christians may say that I’m siding the Muslims or the government but I know that deep inside, they know that I’m saying things just as it is. No double standard, no lies, no hypocrisy -just plain-hurtful-truth. Ouch!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Malaysians VS Malays-ians?

DAP keeps on denying that there was a ‘Chinese Tsunami’ in the last General Election. According to DAP’s ‘common-sense’, the case of 97% Chinese rejected BN in the last election is supposed to be referred to as ‘Malaysian’s Tsunami’ not ‘Chinese’. In the same breath, DAP insists that they are not ‘Chinese’ but instead, ‘Malaysians’.

If ‘Malaysians’ rejected BN, then who were those people who voted for BN in the election? Aren’t they Malaysians too? Since UMNO’s vote had increased despite BN’s worst performance, then the answer to the question must be the ‘Malays’. The Malays are not Malaysians, eh?

With that, DAP is indirectly saying that Malaysia is divided into two: the ‘Malaysians’ on one side, and ‘Malays’ on the side.

And now, DAP is pushing for a National Reconciliation in order to tackle the racial polarization problems. And I thought that we have no racial problems? I thought it was just a case of some ‘Malaysians’ prefers PR over BN?

I’ve been reading Lim Kit Siang’s blog and I can tell you that almost every piece of material in it is about racial problems. Since there are no more ‘race’ in Malaysia (because we are all ‘Malaysians’, according to Kit Siang’s common sense), this racial problems must be started by the ‘un-Malaysian-Malays-who-voted-UMNO’.

Now, can you see how Kit Siang plays his racist card?

If you can’t see that, then let me explain it to you:

Kit Siang is telling us that the problem of this country is the Malays in UMNO and that the only way to solve this problem is to get rid of Malays and UMNO. Without Malays and UMNO, Malaysia would be a better country.

Now, let me tell you what ‘better country’ means for Kit Siang:

A better country for Kit Siang is where the Malays no longer hold the political power and the chinese can build properties on any kampung they like; Kampung Baru would be first and foremost. A better country for Kit Siang is when no Malays hold any top posts in any government agencies and GLCs anymore. A private company may pay double or triple to some stupid Chinese or expatriates, but never ever promote or hire even the most outstanding Malays for top posts. A better country for Kit Siang is when there are no more rooms for the Malays to compete with the Chinese – no UiTM, no GiatMara, no ASB, no government special bumi loans or grants to start a business, no nothing for the Malays! And there must also be no JAKIM and no Sultans to protect the needs of the Muslims in regards of their religion.

Again, the only thing that is holding ‘the Malaysians’ back from Kit Siang’s version of a ‘better country’ is UMNO and Malays! Am I right, Kit Siang?

There, I have laid it out to you loud and clear. If you like Kit Siang’s version of a better country, then it is your choice. However, I would like to point out to you that you should not call yourself a Malaysian if you agree with Kit Siang. What Kit Siang has in mind is a replica of Singapore with himself as Lee Kwan Yew. Therefore, it will only make more sense if you call yourself a Singaporean instead.

To save the trouble for all of you guys who love Kit Siang’s idea of a better country, I suggest that you migrate to Singapore because that way, you don’t have to get rid of the Malays and UMNO. The only setback would be, it won’t be Kit Siang that is holding the power, but Lee Kwan Yew. And this is why Kit Siang needs to turn Malaysia into Singapore so that he can be the power that be, and not any other guy from some other clans. Bottomline is, Kit Siang battle is all about power for himself or at least, his family.

As for me, I can never agree with Kit Siang. A person who refused to assimilate with the original settlers is simply arrogant and rude. History has proven that such a person is a definite tyrant. How does a tyrant make a good leader and create a better country?

In Malaysia, we have not one Kit Siang, but almost all these supposedly ‘Malaysians’ share Kit Siang’s dream of a better country where there is nothing Malaysian about it. They refuse to honour the national language, they choose to be separated from the national education system, want to abolish or change the constitution, history, identity and everything that spells Malaysian. In fact they want to create another ‘Singapore’ on Malaysian ground, complete with a taste of ‘China’ in it.

For your information, my relatives in Australia are beginning to get pissed off of the Chinese immigrants over there for the same reason – they refuse to assimilate and started to build their own ‘territory’ – even seem to want to conquer the country, part by part, town by town. I mean, who can tolerate such attitude?

For me, a better country is where the people live in harmony by respecting each other mutually and equally. A better country is where the people share the love of the country just the same, embrace history and accept it as it is, learn from it and strive to be better, together. You cannot claim to be a Malaysian until you can relate to Parameswara, Sultan Muzafar Shah, Hang Tuah, Tun Perak or Dato’ Bahaman or Mat Kilau or Kanang Anak Langkau…etc..

You see, although you have the rights to agree with Kit Siang about a ‘better Malaysia’, but that would mean that you have no rights to call yourself a ‘Malaysian’. And whatever you say will not change the fact that what happened in GE13 was definitely a Chinese Tsunami, not Malaysians.

It is not the ‘government’ that is a problem for DAP or Kit Siang, it is the ‘Malay-government’. It is not UMNO, but it is the fact that UMNO represents the Malays.

With DAP, it has always been the Chinese against the Malay-UMNO-government.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy Spring Festival to all my Chinese friends!

I come understand that wishing you all a Happy Chinese New Year would not be accurate - even racist, for a fact. I was told that the whole celebration is about welcoming the Spring Season in China, and has nothing to do with Chinese race or Buddhism. It might not make sense to celebrate Spring in Malaysia, but it just happened that the Chinese has embraced it as an ultimate cultural event which is celebrated by all Chinese in every part of the world – four seasons or not. Therefore, I think wishing you all a Happy Spring Festival would make more sense than wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year.

I was supposed to post this piece earlier but my work got in the way. Besides, I spent most of yesterday celebrating with my Chinese relatives and friends because in Malaysia, everybody celebrates this Spring Festival, not just the Chinese.

Or, to be honest, what most of us actually celebrate is the holidays not the festival. Like all other festivals, all races wish each other happiness for the holiday and tell each other to have a safe journey. And I believe that despite the rising racial prejudice, we all sincerely wish for each others’ safety and happiness - at least, until things get back to routine and we are forced to listen to the politicians bringing up the issue of race and religion again.

Now, don’t get me wrong. When I say politicians, they not necessarily be the ‘real politicians’. Nowadays, the worst politicians are the enemies in disguise as NGO’s and religious figures – Muslims and Christians alike. It is only a matter of time before they start disguising as Hindu or Buddhist monks too. In many cases, the ‘real politicians’ only play along with these phony NGO’s or religious leaders’ games.

Religion is the most convenient weapon or tool for a leader to achieve his purposes. It is very unfortunate of us that the world today though may not be lack of leaders, we are very short of righteous ones. Often our not-so-good leaders fall to the evil games of the enemies either by choice, by ‘no-choice’ or by pure stupidity.

When the leaders are stuck or lost in the game, we, as well educated people must make a choice. We can choose to follow the lost leaders and get stuck in the mud or we can choose to do what is right and good for us.

We can choose to understand the game and not play along. Do not draw the racial cards. Do not join the religious provocation. Leave it to the NGOs and so-called religious leaders and politicians. Do not entertain their call for demonstrations, do not go to their talks, do not support their blogs or join their social network.

And most importantly, do not believe everything you hear or read. Be alert about the evil plots and don’t fall into their game of hatred. Be aware of the agenda and their modus operandis.

Iraq, Egypt…would not have fallen if the people were more informed and were able to control their emotions and think rationally. A country will not fall apart just because the leaders have failed. It only falls when the people failed to act rationally.

The worst leader might have failed the country, but how do we explain ‘failure’ when Iraq was a lot better off under Saddam Hussein and Egypt was a lot better off before Arab Spring.

Therefore, let us all come together on this Spring Festival and help spread the words of wisdom. Above all that, let us spread honesty.

Let’s be honest that Christians don’t feel comfortable using the word ‘Allah’ in the prayers. Let’s be honest that the Chinese are doing great in Malaysia and not being sidelined or oppressed. Let’s be honest that the Chinese controls the economy and sideline the Malays in any way possible in private sectors.

Let’s be honest that if UMNO is as racist as DAP said it is, then the Chinese would never be where they are today. If the Malays are as racist and not buy or support Chinese businesses just like what the Chinese are doing to them, the Chinese will not be one controlling the economy today.

Let’s not point fingers but just look at ourselves and admit our mistakes – the lies and the hypocrisy.

For once, in the spirits of the beautiful Spring Season, let’s be honest and say things as it is. Then only we can hope for a better Malaysia.